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Peekaboo is a young design company that holds courage to carry out even the wildest ideas.

send us a query and we will help you.

    send us a query and we will help you.

    OUR secret sauce

    what distinguishes

    us from the others?

    Peekaboo is a fresh starting company with a lot to prove!

    We will bring out the best in You and use it to Your advantage!

    Our price and quality are more than balanced

    Our prices are not stated, they are rather designed to fit our customers needs. We don't have fixed prices, but according to our clients wishes and abilities we will find the appropriate solution!

    We listen to our clients closely

    Our strongest point is communication with the client. We will always find time to come meet with You and discuss over Your ideas and wishes. Your thoughts are essential to us.

    Get a full solution!

    We offer full solutions in web design, marketing tools installation, social media design and branding, while keeping a solid fashion.

    Kert Jaaniste


    Styles come and go.

    Good design is a language,
    not a style.

    Kert Jaaniste